Soma Holiday Bark


SOMA Chocolate Maker in Toronto has created 3 Holiday Barks for your enjoyment over the season. These will sell out quickly though - don't say you weren't warned :)

Creme Brulée 125g
That moment when the spoon cracks the caramel and the custard is revealed. Crème brûlée,  the most iconic end-of-meal ritual / dessert transformed into gorgeous sheets of chocolate. Our white chocolate, loaded with Madagascar vanilla and burnt sugar shards.  Share the moment.  Packed up in a beautiful cacao forest box.

Enzo Triple Dark 125g
Two deeply delicious expressions of chocolate joined together into a dark chocolate dream. One side a thick buttery chocolate sable slab, baked just on the edge of crispy and soft, the flip side a beautiful 70% chocolate made with cacao beans grown along the Mekong River in Vietnam.  A sprinkle of roasted cacao nibs gives Enzo, watch the stars the title of most chocolatey bark ever. Gorgeously dark with complex notes of all things chocolate. Put a piece in your mouth and lose yourself in the night sky studded with stars and planetary wonders.  Packed up in a beautiful cacao forest box.

Milk & Cookies 125g
Imagine your 7-year-old self's perfect version of milk and cookies. Just baked cookies, dipped into a fresh cold glass of milk. ahhh so good. The memory lives on in this chocolate bark. A buttery creamy milk chocolate adorned with fresh baked gingersnap cookies and sparkly candied ginger.Shades of Gold with a nice peppery zing from the ginger, perfect for eating when the snowflakes are fluttering outside.  Packaged in a lovely box ready to gift.