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Oh Canada! - Milk

A collection of award winning dark milk chocolate bars all made by Canadian chocolate makers!

McGuire Chocolate’s Big Booty Hank bar is a self declared smooth and creamy bar. The winner of a Bronze award at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate, this bar is made with direct trade cocoa beans from Nahua, Costa Rica. McGuire uses 52% cocoa for this bar, emphasizing the rich fruity flavour notes of the cocoa. The result is a mildly sweet, deep chocolate milk bar.

Finnia’s Mexico Milk is created from cocoa beans in the Tabasco region of Mexico. A smooth, creamy bar with an extra shot of cocoa butter, this is a melt in your mouth kind of bar. Natural flavour notes of hazelnut and fruit are detected as it melts; a delicious combination. The North West Chocolate Festival awarded this bar a Gold in 2018.

Sirene is very clear that this Dark Milk bar he created is NOT a milk chocolate bar…it’s a dark chocolate bar with milk added as a flavour. Interesting, right? The bar’s flavour predominantly comes from the cacao beans…a mix of Madagascar fruitiness and Guatemalan caramel notes. Such a lovely combination of flavours and recognized and awarded year over year by the International Chocolate Awards.

SOMA started with dark chocolate versions of this bar but is now creating the Old School bar in Milk Chocolate and we are sooooo happy they did! Texture and taste - that’s what this bar is all about. Super minimal processing, Chuou beans from Venezuela and the SOMA touch makes this an absolute sensory explosion! Even the die hard dark chocolate lovers have bowed down to this multi award winning bar!