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Chocolate and Wine

An eclectic assortment of bars for pairing with red wines, bars with wine infusions, fruity and spicy many options!

Kasama Chocolate Blackberry White Chocolate bar was not originally on our radar to pair with red wines! Dark chocolate is the go to for pairing but this white bar has no dairy and that in itself makes a huge difference to the flavour and texture. Made with Peruvian cocoa butter, unrefined cane sugar and BC blackberries this is a perfect pairing for a big bold shiraz, with lots of blue or blackberry notes. Try it with Dandelion Lionheart of the Barossa Shiraz!

The STRATUS bar by SOMA Chocolatemaker is a chocolate and wine pairing by itself. This dark bar is made with cocoa nibs that have been soaking in wine lees in an oak barrel for 3 months! The residual yeast and grape skins, known as lees, were provided to SOMA by Stratus Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The result os the soaking is a 70% dark bar with subtle flavour notes of a Stratus wine. Enjoy the bar on its own or with your favourite Stratus wine.

Strawberry & Champagne is a classic combination and CÓCÓ Chocolate makes it happen in a bar! Including strawberries and carbonated sugar in this dark bar, the result is the sensation of champagne bubbles and the taste of berries. So unexpected and so fun!

Zotter's Marc de Champagne+Raspberry bar is a different taste and sensation than CÓCÓ's. This is a filled bar, so the centre is a soft, creamy raspberry ganache of dried raspberries, raspberry powder and raspberry fruit for a very fruity flavour!  To complete the filling, the raspberry is combined with a Marc de Champagne ganache and the bar is enrobed in 70% dark chocolate.  So, yes, there's alcohol in this one!

Desbarres Black Pepper Cardamom bar is a favourite pairing with Beronia Reserva wine. We love this combination because this award winning chocolate with the addition of green cardamom and tellicherry black pepper really highlights the deep, dark, spicy notes of the wine. 

Finnia Spring Flowers in dark chocolate are in this collection because really, who doesn't want chocolate, wine and flowers???