McGuire Roasted Cocoa Nibs

McGuire Chocolate Company, based in St. Andrews, New Brunswick is a bean to bar, craft chocolate maker. Using cacao beans from many cacao growing regions to create bars, truffles and drinking chocolate.

Here is chocolate in its healthiest from - cacao nibs. After cacao beans are roasted, chocolate makers remove the husk of the bean to get to these nibs that then go through the process of being created in a chocolate bar. Nibs are pure cacao with no added sugar and thus a healthy snack.

These cacao nibs are single origin from the Bejofo Estate in Madagascar. Known for a flavour profile of red berries and slightly citrus, these nibs will be a crunchy addition of chocolate to your morning granola, sprinkled on yogurt, as a snack on their own akin to nuts, and added to your chocolate cake/muffins for more chocolate flavour and some crunch! You can even use them in a tea diffuser and steep them in hot water for a light hot cocoa drink.