Jacobean Bunnies and Eggs - VEGAN


Jacobean Craft Chocolate is made in Newfoundland and all their chocolate is bean to bar chocolate and peanut free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, vegan and gluten free! An award winning chocolate maker, Jacobean makes bars of interesting flavour combinations and lots of fun pieces for each chocolate season!

MIA is a zesty orange flavoured bunny made with orange bergamot from Spain and raspberries grown in Newfoundland mixed with Jacobean's stone ground silky coconut milk white chocolate. 

RUFFLES is made with silky smooth coconut milk chocolate and given some pizzaz with splashes of red and purple cocoa butter.

DAISY is made with Jacobean's award winning strawberry white chocolate. A fresh fruit indulgence, Daisy is made with as many strawberries that could be squeezed into the recipe! 

Rascal Bunnies has 10 of the cutest Bunnies in the batch. Small versions of Mia, Daisy and Ruffles are included in the bag. The perfect size for hiding but keep your eye on these rascals. They can pop up anywhere!

Mini Eggs  made with Nicaraguan bean to bar chocolate dark and "milk" chocolate. In-house roasted hazelnuts are added coconut milk chocolate, while in-house roasted almonds are added to dark chocolate. All these eggs get a little sprinkle of black Maui sea salt.