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Happy Easter - Dark Chocolate Collection

Our Easter Box is a lovely assortment of dark chocolate perfect for celebrating the occasion.

Hummingbird's 70% Dark Chocolate 4 piece box of Raspberry Marshmallow Bunnies is made with deliciously rich bean to bar chocolate, filled with house made marshmallows and raspberry puree. Jacobean's single origin Jazz egg is dark chocolate and filled with some of the cutest bunnies in the patch! 

A 6 piece assorted box of Gem Chocolate Truffles include Peanut Butter, Mint, Caramel Creme, Lavender Blackberry, Cocoa Nibs and 4 Berries.

Two "Burtle" Bunnies from Degas Chocolate are made with dark chocolate and the caramel pecan combo favourite of many! A bag of Caramel Mini Eggs is 70% dark chocolate from Hummingbird, a bag of Mini Eggs from Finnia are made with single origin 70% dark chocolate from Nicaragua as well as Finnia's Bold Bunnies of 70% dark chocolate filled with creamy hazelnut butter.