Avanaa Chocolate

Avanaa Bars

You know that dilemma of choosing milk or dark chocolate? Well, this bar solves that! The choc-latte bar is a rich 55% dark chocolate combined with the silky texture of milk chocolate. Yes, it contains milk :)

An aromatic 70% dark bar. Chai spices, Darjeeling tea and almonds combined with dark chocolate. Warming your insides!

You want chocolate and then more chocolate? This is the bar for you! A smooth rich 70% dark chocolate sprinkled with freshly roasted cacao nibs for added chocolate and crunch.

A trip taken to the Pacific coast of Columbia to get some of these heirloom cacao beans directly from the farmers was well worth the trip! Beautiful flavour notes of this award winning bar include caramel, malt and a hint of spice.

Kallari 70%
Cacao beans sourced from the Kallari Cooperative in Ecuador. This cooperative is a grassroots organization dedicated to economic alternatives, such as cacao farming, to in the interest of preserving the Ecuadorian rainforest as well as the traditions and culture of the Kichwa people. Enjoy the fine flavours of molasses, vanilla and nuts and feel good about supporting this cause.

Kallari 80%
Enjoy the same beautiful flavours  of molasses, vanilla and nuts, as in the 70% bar, in a higher cacao content, and feel the same good vibes.