Allo Simonne Chocolate Bark


Chock full of whole hazelnuts and covered in a generous amount of chocolate, these barks are decadent and delicious. 

Hazelnut Jaguar Dark Bark is bean to bar 70% dark chocolate made with the albino cacao beans, lighter in colour and sweeter in taste than other cacao, covering a whole lot of Oregon hazelnuts! Hazelnuts grown in Oregon are considered to be among the best in the world due to the climate and soil conditions and after tasting this bark we would have to agree!

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bark is a 66% dark bean to bar chocolate. The cacao used for this bark is from the Zorzal Bird Sanctuary, a farm in Dominican Republic that grows cacao to support the sanctuary for Zorzals, a type of song bird that is near extinction and migrates from Ontario and Quebec to this warm climate for the winter months. The cacao has natural flavour notes of pecan, adding to the nuttiness of the hazelnut bark. Whole Oregon hazelnuts smothered in single origin chocolate...heaven!

150g bags - please note the packaging is temporarily changed to kraft bags rather than the white shown here.