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Sweetness Chocolate


Creme Brulee
Caramelized chunks of sugar folded into white chocolate flavoured with Madagascar vanilla beans that truly tastes like the classic dessert!
The Chipolte
Walnuts, cashews, almonds and pecans are caramelized in maple sugar, orange juice, chipolte chili, rosemary and brown sugar. The nut mixture is added to white chocolate and The Chipolte is created!
Oatmilk Cookies & Cream
A vegan indulgence for the white chocolate fan! Oat milk white chocolate overflowing with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs with 72% Honduras chocolate swirled in.
Salty Almond 48% Milk Chocolate
Almonds are first soaked in salt water brine for a few hours before roasting them to get a salty crust on them before adding them to the 48% Mexican milk chocolate.
Licorice Love Dark Milk Chocolate
Liquorice Allsorts come to mind with this bar. Dark milk chocolate with liquorice root and black sea salt.
Spicy Peanut Praline
A single origin milk chocolate meets single origin peanuts spiced with cayenne pepper for an interesting sweet and spicy combo.
Brown Butter 60% Honduras Dark Milk 
These Honduras cacao beans have natural flavour notes of coconut, coffee and apple. 
Strawberry Pink Pepper Dark Chocolate
The amazing combination of sweet strawberries and pink peppercorn. Pink peppercorn is a sweeter pepper with some kick and is a great partner for the berries.
Peru Ucayali 68% Dark Chocolate
The Peruvian chocolate has flavour notes of deep fruit, vanilla and raspberry for an unexpectedly sweet dark chocolate.
Papua New Guinea 73% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa beans from Karkar Island, this chocolate has notes of plum, cherry and citrus.
Mexico 74% Dark Chocolate
The cocoa beans in this bar are from the Tabasco region of Mexico. Warm notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and toasted coconut.
Dark & Nibby 83% Peru Ucayali Dark Chocolate
The Peruvian cacao beans have flavour notes of dark fruit and bananas and the cacao nibs are added to the bar for crunchy texture.