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Palette De Bine, Mont Tremblant

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Pérou Maranon 60% + lait de coco
Beautiful, flavourful cacao from the Maranon River region of Peru sweetened with coconut milk.
Wild Bolivia 70% SAPIN
Rare cocoa beans that grow wild along the Amazon River in Bolivia are the base of the bar. Baby fir needles are crushed into a fine powder and added to this bar in just the right amount.
Péru Pure Nacional Maranon 70%
A cocoa bean thought to be extinct, the Pure Nacional bean was found growing in Peru, much to the delight of many chocolate makers. With a floral aroma and a mellow richness, this award winning bar has notes of blueberry and honey.
Madagascar Bejofo Estate 70%
A fruity, tart, sweet bean from Madagscar give this bar its very expressive red berry and citrus notes.
Trinidad Mrs Ward Santa Maria Estate 70%
Mrs Ward is the owner and cocoa farmer on Santa Maria Estate, in the Gran Couva region in Trinidad. Christine, the owner and chocolate maker at Palette de Bine visited Mrs Ward’s estate and from there made this multi award winning 70% bar. Deep chocolate notes and expressions of herbs and spices.
70% Cacao + fleur de sel
A smooth 70% dark bar with the addition of Newfoundland Sea Salt.
Bines a l’érable Bolivia Wild Harvest 70%
This multi award winning bar starts with rare cocoa beans that grow wild along the Amazon River in Bolivia. Sweet cacao beans with notes of fig and caramel, sweetened with maple sugar.
Tanzanie Kokoa Kamili 70% + cafe Ethiopia Bolova
Creamy sweet Tanzanian cocoa beans combined with coffee beans. Perfect pairing.
Équateur Esmeraldas 75%
A rich dark chocolate with many flavour layers. Stone fruit notes give the bar a sweet taste and are partnered equally with notes of nuts.
Guatemala 100%
All cacao, no sugar makes for an intense bar! Flavour notes of caramel sweeten this powerful bar.

All 70g bars
All bars are dairy, gluten, soy and nut free