Firetree Rich Volcanic Chocolate


The long finish and lingering taste of Firetree chocolate is due to the firetree, or cocoa tree, which thrives on the uniquely rich, porous soils of the South Seas remote volcanic islands. These superior beans yield a distinct depth and curiosity.

Soloman Islands Guadalcanal 69% Dark Cocoa
Single origin cacao protected by the shade of coconut trees, these beans are grown on a family farm in Guadalcanal. Tasting notes of red fruits, citrus and plum with long lasting cocoa undertones.
Vanuatu Makeluka Island 72% Cocoa
Malekula is a tiny island blessed with rich volcanic soils. Local indigenous farmers collaborate with the main island to develop excellent agricultural practices so the estate produces cocoa of outstanding quality. Tasting notes of cherry, soft lemon and white grape aromas give an essence of lush fruit.
Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72% Cocoa
This volcanic island is home to two family cocoa farms employing most of the population! Good farming practices and long-held skills combine to ensure a superb tasting chocolate. Tasting notes of walnut and wild mushroom yield to intense cocoa, ending with truffles.
Philippines Mindanao Island 73% Cocoa
On Mindanao Island, this cocoa is grown in the lush volcanic hills under a canopy of coconut palms and plantation leaves 10 degrees north of the equator. Tasting notes of citrus, honey and caramel yield a gentle yet rich taste.
Solomon Islands Makira Island 75% Cocoa
Makira has 2 guest houses, a grass landing strip, a small hospital and Lucy's all-female cocoa farm. The personal, artisanal nature of the farm ensures the distinct character of this delightful chocolate. Tasting notes soft grapefruit and raisin tones married with rich caramel.
Madagascar Sambirano Valley 84% Cocoa
The microclimate of the valley, which lies within the volcanic hills of the north west of Madagascar, provides the humid conditions for growing perfect cocoa. Tasting notes of raspberry and rich red fruit create a zesty character.
Solomon Islands 100%
The unique and complex flavours of the chocolate are teased out during the long, slow process of whole bean roasting. This drives out any bitterness to reveal a pure 100% cocoa flavour that will surprise and delight the most refined chocolate palate. Tasting notes of dates and rich cocoa.