Barrel Aged Chocolate Bars


Dick Taylor Bourbon Whiskey 70% Dark 
This limited edition bar is the 4th creation in the Barrel Aged Chocolate line by Dick Taylor. Using fine flavour cacao from Brazil, this bar begins with the aging oc cacao nibs in Alchemy Distillery's Straight Bourbon Whisky barrels. Once fully aged, these nibs are used to create a 70% dark chocolate bar, adding only cane sugar and cacao butter. The result is an amazing robust and complex bar with pronounced oak and bourbon flavours. (photo is not the current bar)

Kasama Single Cask Whiskey 70% Dark
Our friends at Kasama, in Vancouver, have created this special release bar in collaboration with The Liberty Distillery. Trust Single Cask Whiskey is aged for 3 years in Madeira barrels. Madeira is a Portuguese Island off the coast of Africa with a winemaking history dating back to the 15th century. After aging Kasama's Philippine cacao beans in an oak cask for 4 weeks in this whiskey, the beans are dried and stone ground, yielding a chocolate with distinct wine-like aromas and notes of oak and almonds (photo incorrect)

Kasama Wallflower Gin & Juniper 70% Dark
A second special release bar by Kasama! For this one, they used cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea with a unique aroma profile, and aged them for 4 weeks in an oak cask with Odd Society's Wallflower Gin. After the aging process was finished, they stone ground the beans with juniper berries. While this chocolate melts on your tongue and the aroma and flavours unfold you will enjoy an elegant floral bouquet with aromas of fresh cut evergreens and hints of orange blossom.