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Omnom Chocolate Reykjavík

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Sea Salted Toffee
A white chocolate caramelized and sprinkled with Icelandic seas salt. Tasting notes of toffee, salt and cookie.
Black N’ Burnt Barley
The blackest white bar we’ve ever seen - thanks to the addition of burnt barley, the same barley used in brewing dark beers. Lava salt balances the sweetness of the chocolate and puffed barley give it crunch. Tasting notes of burnt toast, coffee and malt.
Lakkris + Sea Salt
In Iceland, black salty liquorice and milk chocolate is the most common candy combo. And that’s what this bar is about! A combination of Persian liquorice root powder, caramelized white chocolate and Lakkris sea salt. A silky salty award winning bar.
Lakkris + Raspberry
Cocoa butter, raspberry juice and chucks of raspberry, layered with the distinct flavour of liquorice and sea salt makes this bar a very unique taste and textural experience!
Caramel + Milk
A very popular bar with crunchy bits of caramel throughout a creamy, smooth, rich milk chocolate. Award winning fudgy caramel goodness!
Sea Salted Almonds + Milk
Made with Madagascar cocoa beans, the berry flavours notes from these beans make for a sweet fruity milk chocolate. A sweet and salty taste is created with the addition of sea salt while crunch is added by the generous sprinkling of almonds along the back of this award winning bar.
Milk of Nicaragua 50% 
A beautiful dark milk bar made from organic cacao beans from Nicaragua. Creamy in texture with flavour notes of fudge, cherry and walnuts. 
Dark Milk of Tanzania 65%
An award winning bar, this dark milk bar is made with organic cacao beans from Tanzania. Tasting notes of fudge, brownie and pear.
Madagascar 66%
A multi award winning bar, the flavour notes of the Madagascar beans shine through! Tasting notes of citrus, fruit and floral.
Tanzania 70%
An award winning bar, the organic Tanzanian cocoa beans lend themselves to a silky smooth texture. Tasting notes of apricot, raisin and hazelnut.
Nicaragua 73%
The Nicaragua single origin bar is another award winning bar by Omnom. Unique and interesting tasting notes of mushroom, rye bread and red wine.

NEW! Superchocoberrybarleynibblynuttylicious 70% Dark
Not sure if there's anything to add to describe it when all the ingredients are in the name! The newest bar to arrive from Omnom, this dark bar has cranberries, Icelandic barley, almonds and sea salt all sprinkled on the back of it!

All bars are 60g and may contain gluten, dairy, nuts and soy.