Just for the Holidays by Zotter


At Zotter Chocolate in Austria, they create the Mi-Xing Collection of beautiful chocolate for each celebration and season. For Christmas they have added hearts and stars beauties to the collection. This a gift that is sure to wow the person on your list who loves chocolate and appreciates the beauty of art. We received a very limited number of each of these and once their gone, they're gone!

Deluxe Chocolate Star with Sweet Fir Tree 100g
A deluxe chocolate star created with dark fine flavour chocolate and decorated with a fir tree pattern in sweet white chocolate. It's accessorized with crispy passion fruit chocolate bits and crunchy cacao nibs in a pink raspberry couverture. The tips of the star feature two blinking, fruity-red cranberry chocolate stars and white chocolate cocoa nibs are fluttering all over. 
Deluxe Dark Chocolate Star  VEGAN 100g
A chocolate star made with fine flavour dark chocolate and filled with a tender - hazelnut praline brittle. It's accessorized with a soy based chocolate pattern alongside a bright white chocolate star created with rice couverture and decorated with fragrant rose petals , bits of apple rolled in cinnamon and a fruity cranberry.