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Dad's Favourite Flavours - Dark Chocolate

This collection of dark bars is put together with some of Dad's favourites in mind.  The combinations of coffee, whisky, peanut butter, salt and dark chocolate for whatever he's craving.

Raaka Turkish Coffee
Tanzanian cocoa with it toasty flavour notes provides the base for Olympia Coffee’s Morning Sun coffee beans that Raak grinds and folds into the chocolate. A crunchy, invigorating bar like that first cup of the morning!
Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel
This bar is a special blend of chocolate, using cocoa beans from Belize and Madagascar sweetened with Brazilian cane sugar. The blend of beans produces a flavour profile that is fruity, malty and roasted. A sprinkling of hand-harvested Fleur de Sel sea salt gives the bar a sublet and delicate finish.
Zotter’s Hand-Scooped Whisky
The decadent flavour combination of scotch and chocolate is well appreciated by those who love both individually. Zotter’s is a dark chocolate bar filled with whisky cream.
Honduras 70% Dark Chocolate by Finnia
Sometimes a beautifully made plain dark bar is all you need! The cocoa beans grown in Honduras have unique flavour notes of caramel and almond and provide a lovely companion for a robust Malbec. If you need a suggestion, we recommend Catena Malbec.
Desbarres Dominicana 72% Dark
Unlike the flavours of the Honduras bar, the Dominicana bar has fruity flavour notes. A deep dark chocolate with mild fruit notes - think subtle notes of cherry and raisin - that is beautiful on it’s own or with a glass of port.
Finnia’s Peanut Butter Bar Extreme Dark
The darkest bar in the box at 80% cocoa content. The dark chocolate coats a filling of chocolate and peanut butter and a little sea salt. The bar is sweetened with maple sugar, adding to its overall unique flavour.