Fall Singles


Oh the things we love about the fall! Pumpkins, warm spices, maple and chocolate of course! Here are some of our bars that are perfect for this time of year.

Olivia Chocolat Chai Choco-Latte 
Made with Peruvian chocolate, this bar combines the cacao with coconut to create a smooth creamy bar. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and cayenne pepper are ingredients for the warm flavour that is chai. Warmth is served!

ChocoSol Kakai+Cacao 65% Dark
This stone ground bar is a shout out to Ontarian Harvests! A light 65% dark chocolate encases heirloom, Ontario grown kakai pumpkin seeds, freshly roasted in  local maple syrup and sea salt glaze. A beautiful combination of fall flavours!

The Sweet & Salty Canadian by Finnia Chocolate
Finnia Chocolate creates their bars on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Using cacao beans from the Ucayali River region of Peru and sweetened with only pure maple sugar, a sprinkling of maple flakes and sea salt, this bar is a sweet and savoury treat.

Qantu Route de la Soie (Silk Road) 70% Dark
Bite into this bar, close your eyes and start your journey by exploring the Amazonia jungle, where the cacao beans originate. Take another piece and head to the Middle East, when the flavour of many spices come together. A smooth dark bar with ginger, cardamom, star anise, saffron, clove and Sichuan pepper that keep your taste buds dancing!

Baiani 70% Dark with Orange Zest
So excited to introduce this new line of chocolate into the store! Chocolate Baiani is a tree to bar chocolate maker in Brazil. Tree to bar means they farm the trees, harvest the pods and make their chocolate from these beans. Oranges are abundant in Brazil, so orange zest is added in perfect balance to the chocolate for this lovely bar.

Desbarres Pefferlaw Creek Maple 72%
Desbarres Chocolate is made in Uxbridge, Ontario. This bar pairs the smooth creaminess of Bachelor Hall cacao with golden maple sugar from Pefferlaw Creek Farm, located just north of Desbarres' place. Made with only maple sugar and cacao and then dusted with more maple sugar...cause you can't get enough maple!

Raaka Maple & Nibs 75% Dark
This maple-sweetened bar tastes like a brownie straight out of the oven. Rich and smooth on the inside, generously sprinkled with toasted nibs for a crispy, crunchy outside. Made with Semuliki Forest Cacao in Uganda these beans are unroasted for a brighter, bolder, fruitier cacao.

Canadian Maple 80% by Finnia Chocolate
A smooth dark chocolate by Finnia Chocolate, whose shop is on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. An 80% bar simply sweetened with maple sugar. Rich chocolate with low bitterness, a mellow maple taste and notes of caramelized almonds.