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Fiji Rakiraki 68% Dark Chocolate
Rakikari is a district on the northern coast of Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island. The cacao beans, for the most part, are Forastero and have rich deep chocolates. This bar by Palette de Bine has the flavour of brownies and nuts. 
Péru Pure Nacional Maranon 70% Dark Chocolate

A cocoa bean thought to be extinct, the Pure Nacional bean was found growing in Peru, much to the delight of many chocolate makers. With a floral aroma and a mellow richness, this award winning bar has notes of blueberry and honey.
Trinidad Mrs Ward Santa Maria Estate 70% Dark Chocolate
Mrs Ward is the owner and cocoa farmer on Santa Maria Estate, in the Gran Couva region in Trinidad. Christine, the owner and chocolate maker at Palette de Bine visited Mrs Ward’s estate and from there made this multi award winning 70% bar. Deep chocolate notes and expressions of herbs and spices.
Haiti Pisa 70% Dark Chocolate
Located in Northern Haiti, Pisa works with a group of female farmers operating small farms to help improve post harvest processes that in turn improve the flavour and quality of the cacao beans.  This award winning bar has fruity notes, a roasted touch and hints of nuts.
Trinidad La Reunion 70% Dark Chocolate
Winner of a Gold Award in 2019 from the International Chocolate Awards Americas, this bar is fruity in its flavour.  Notes of fig and stone fruit  in deep rich chocolate.
Tanzanie Kamili Kokoa 72% Dark Chocolate
Cacao beans sourced from Kamili Kokoa, an organization in Tanzania that buys beans from smallhold farmers at above market price and then improves the quality and flavour of the beans through better after harvest processes.  This award winning bar has flavour notes of cherry and coffee and is an excellent pairing with coffee!
Guatemala Polochic Valley 80% Dark Chocolate
The Polochic Valley is known for its heat intensity - an excellent contribution to the flavourful cacao grown there. This bar at 80% is unexpectedly sweet with a smooth melt, fruity notes and some nuttiness.

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All bars are dairy, gluten, soy and nut free

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