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Péru Pure Nacional Marañón 70% Dark Chocolate

A cocoa bean thought to be extinct, the Pure Nacional bean was found growing in Peru, much to the delight of many chocolate makers. With a floral aroma and a mellow richness, this award winning bar has notes of blueberry and honey.
Bines a l’érable Bolivia Wild Harvest  70% Dark Chocolate
An award winning bar made with wild cacao grown in Bolivia and sweetened with maple sugar in lieu of cane sugar. This is a wild cacao grown in the wild Imenez forests of Bolivia and are difficult to access. Maple sugar adds a caramelized note to the cacao, which has flavourful tropical fruit notes. 
Fiji Rakiraki 68% Dark 
Single origin  cacao grown in Fiji-Rakiraki. This lovely cacao has distinct fudge flavour with notes of cashew nuts.
Chuao Venezuela 70% Dark
A rare and highly sought-after variety of cocoa in the world. These beans come from the tiny village of Chuao, 6 km from the sea in a landlocked part of the Aragua Valley in northern Venezuela. The cooperative uses ancient methods passed down from generation to generation for harvesting, fermentation and drying. The chocolate blocks are aged for more than a year to soften the tannins. This chocolate is a taste discovery and it’s a WOW in every bite! A dominantly fruity bar with flavour notes of citrus and stone fruit. 
Haiti Pisa 70%
In 2016, with this Pisa 70% chocolate, Palette de Bine received the prestigious distinction of best “chocolate maker” in America and Asia at the International Chocolate Awards. Notes of vanilla, dried fruit and caramel are evident in this bar, where the cacao originates from a cooperative of 1,500 farmers, including nearly 500 women farmers, produces high-quality, certified organic cocoa.

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All bars are dairy, gluten, soy and nut free