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Palette De Bine Special Edition

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Peru Marañó 60% Dark Milk Chocolate + King Bolet Mushroom Cream
A cocoa bean thought to be extinct, the Peru Nacional bean was found growing in Peru, much to the delight of many chocolate makers. With a floral aroma and a mellow richness, this bar gets the addition of toasted milk and botelus powder for a surprisingly soft caramel flavour.
Fiji Rakiraki 68% cacao + Ginger
Ginger from Petit Fermes in Mont Tremblant ground to powder and added to Fiji cacao's flavour notes of cashew and fudge for  ginger bar like no other!
Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 70% cacao + Coffee
Cherry, citrus and coffee notes dominate the cacao grown by over 3000 farmers in the Kilombero Valley, purchased by the Kokoa Kamili co-operative and sold to renowned chocolate makers. Palette de Bine then adds finely ground coffee beans roasted by Kaiti Coffee, a family run coffee roaster located in Hudson, Quebec.
Bines a l’érable Guatemala Polochic Valley  70% Dark Chocolate
The Polochic Valley is known for its heat intensity - an excellent contribution to the flavourful cacao grown there. Cacao with fruity notes and some nuttiness, sweetened with maple sugar. 

All 70g bars
All bars are gluten, soy and nut free

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