The January "Blues"

Oh January! Cold crisp days for playing outside or indoors! Fresh air and fun in the snow, warming up inside with food and drink favourites or staying indoors to play games, watch movies and dream about warmer weather:) That's January!

This curated assortment of bars is inspired by the colour blue, but not the mood! Chocolate wrapped in blue packaging, infused with warm flavours, made with the best cacao beans. Beautiful bars make for a bright month. 

Palette de Bine's Cafe au Lait is the perfect start to the January Blues collection. The packaging tells a Canadian winter story. Snowshoeing, followed with a warm cup of coffee, while sitting outside watching the snowflakes fall. The gentle flavour notes of Peru Maranon cacao make for a perfectly balanced dark milk bar flavoured with just the right amount of coffee.

If you prefer to stay inside, grab a blanket, cozy up to the fire and enjoy Kasama's Winter's Eve bar. This 65% Ecuadorian cacao spiced with cinnamon, ginger and cloves is the perfect way to warm up!

We have a great suggestion for a snack while watching a movie. Pair coco's 70% Peruvian bar with Achill Island Sea Salt with Chateau Tickler Cheddar. Achill Island Sea Salt is a light and flaky, flavourful salt harvested off the coast of Ireland. Chateau Tickler Cheddar has a natural salty flavour that comes from its aging process. It's fruity flavour is the perfect companion for the Peruvian fruity notes in the chocolate. 

When it's really cold outside, it's nice to dream about the summer months to come! Thanks to its fruity flavours, Zotter's Labooka Guatemala 75% dark chocolate conjures up those warm thoughts. Taste the flavour of berries, stone fruit and watermelon in this chocolate, and summer comes flooding back.

Chocolate Bonnat Los Colorados 75% bar has the fruity, sweet gentle flavours of the Nacional cacao it is created with. The rare cacao is harvested by Tsachillas Indians, who call themselves Los Colorados, meaning "the colourful". That, and the intense blue wrapper, made it a perfect addition to the January Blues collection!

The warm flavour notes of whisky combined with the sweet notes of chocolate is a delicious taste and texture experience. Kasama's Single Malt 70% dark chocolate is made in Vancouver using Ecuadorian cacao from the region of Costa Esmeraldas. The cocoa nibs are aged in an oak cask with Odd Society's Commodore single malt whisky for four weeks. The result? A rich, delicious chocolate with notes of oak and whisky. The perfect nightcap for a cold evening.