Spring Sunshine

Spring is heading our way! The days are getting longer, the sun is melting away the snow and we're inspired by the colours and feelings of spring. Warm and bright, yellow and green - welcome to the new season.

Jacobean Mango Chocolate * 
Crafted in Newfoundland, this white chocolate bar is made with no dairy. Coconut milk, cocoa butter, mango and lemon juice make a bar that makes us dream of summer.
Obolo 64% Masala Chai Spiced *
The warmth of tea shines through this dark bar! Made in Chile with cocoa beans from Pangoa, Peru and delicately spiced with masala chai tea, this bar has flavours of clove, cinnamon and ginger.
Omnom Dark Milk of Tanzania 65%
You can almost feel the warmth of the sun coming from the organic Tanzanian cocao beans. Creamy and such a smooth melt, this bar has fudgy and brownie flavour notes with a hint of pear.
Jacobean Golden Berries 70% *
An organic dark bar made with Peruvian cacao and golden berries. Pieces of fresh dried berries, a sweet tropical fruit with flavours reminiscent of pineapple and mango.
Marou Dong Nai 72% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa beans from the Upper Dong Nai region in Vietnam, this is a thick dark chocolate, buttery and smooth. It has a warm, almost spicy flavour profile, with hints of ginger and clove. Warmth for the insides.
Firetree Vanuatu Malekula Island 72% Cocoa
Rich, volcanic chocolate. Cocoa grown on the tiny island of Malekula by farmers using the best agricultural practices results in cacao of exceptional quality.  These superior beans and Firetree's talent for making chocolate combine to create a bar with cherry, soft lemon and white grape flavours and a long lingering finish.
Sirene Fleur de Sel 73% Dark Chocolate
Starting with the rich fudge flavour of cocoa beans grown on small family farms in Uganda, it's a natural pairing with salt from the Vancouver Island Sea Salt Company.