Pretty in Pink

This collection was curated with colour, design and flavour in mind. Pink for spring flowers. Simple and stunning package designs. Flavours  include, fruits, salt and bubbles. Voila! Our Pretty in Pink  collection!

Raaka uses unroasted Reserva Zorzal cacao beans from Dominican Republic to provide a fruity base for the Peruvian pink sea salt in this bar. 71% dark chocolate for a "rock solid classic".

Firetree Chocolate makes their bars with cacao beans grown in volcanic soil, thriving in the uniquely rich and porous soils of the South Seas volcanic islands. Tasting notes of the this 75% bar with cacao beans from Makira Island range from soft grapefruit and raisin tones to a rich caramel. 

Strawberry & Champagne - a beloved combination. CÓCÓ creates the bubbly sensation of champagne with carbonated sugar and adds strawberries to the 70%  Peruvian cocoa for a taste and texture experience.

The Sweetness Browned Butter bar is a 60% dark milk bar. The sweetest bar in this collection, the ingredients include whole milk, cocoa butter, butter and vanilla. A little crunch is added with the inclusion of sea salt and cocoa nibs. Delicious!