Chocolate Tea Box

As an avid tea drinker and chocolate indulger, I am always partial to those bars that have my two favourites in proper balance. The tea flavour should be there but not to overwhelm the chocolate. This collection of tea infused bars are among my favourites. 

CÓCÓ Chocolate's London Fog bar is the perfect balance of bergamot and chocolate. Made with cacao from Ucayali River region in Peru, combined with whole milk powder, the chocolate is infused with Earl Grey Tea from CHA CHA TEA. This 50% dark milk bar was the winner of a Bronze Award at the Academy of Chocolate in 2019. Soy and gluten free.

Green Tea Crunch by Raaka is a 66% dark bar made with cacao grown on Reserva Zorzal with stone fruit notes.Self described as "The Soul Soother" the addition of toasty genmaicha green tea infused into the dark chocolate and filled with crispy quinoa "for a comforting adult treat with a nostalgic twist." All those ingredients and the texture of this bar truly make it a standout! Soy, gluten, soy, nut and dairy free.

Kad Kokoa Thai Milk Tea bar has a unique aroma and colour. Made in and with cacao grown in Thailand, the chocolate makers use locally grown semi-wild black tea version of Assam, known as Bai Miang, to flavour the bar.  The result is a bar with spice like anise and orange blossom. Soy, gluten and dairy free.

Matcha Swirl is a mix of robust Japanese matcha from Rishi Tea into vegan white chocolate and swirled into a bed of 63% Tanzanian dark chocolate. Opening the bar is part of the experience - it's a beautiful swirl of colour, the other part is the vibrant and invigorating marbled treat.  Soy, gluten, soy, nut and dairy free.

A new way to enjoy cocoa, we have included a package of two  Finnia Cocoa Bean Tea Bags, lightly ground organic cocoa beans for brewing. Simply boil water, steep the tea bag for 5 minutes and drink as is or add your choice of sweetener and milk.