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Dark Milk What?!

Like milk chocolate but think you should be having dark chocolate because everyone says so? Here’s the compromise: Dark Milk What?! 

* Please note the Dick Taylor 58% Madagascar bar has been replaced with Dick Taylor's NEW Vanilla Milk Chocolate. 

Chocolate makers have upped the cocoa content in these bars from your more traditional milk bars (thus, Dark) but have also included a little dairy (thus Milk). Once you try these bars you may decide to sit right in the middle of milk and dark.

Starting with AKESSON’S 55% Dark Milk bar, the cocoa is from the Fazenda Sempre Firme in Bahia, Brazil. Owned by AKESSON, this farm is situated in the middle of the Mata Atlantica, a wild forest with the highest biodiversity on earth. The cacao has grown here since the beginning of the 20th century and grows beans with intensely chocolatey notes. AKESSON'S believes that alone makes them the perfect bean for a Dark Milk bar.

Dick Taylor’s 55% Dark Milk bar is a combination of Brazilian cocoa beans, whole milk and Madagascar vanilla beans.  Dick Taylor enjoys partnering with other small businesses and for this bar they have used organic A2/A2 whole milk from the Alexandre Family Farm.  The Brazilian beans are fruity and nutty in flavour and with the addition of this old fashioned milk, Dick Taylor has crafted a deliciously creamy dark milk bar that is highlighted with the addition of Madagascar vanilla.

New to the Hummingbird assortment of bars and oh so creamy is Dark Milk Tumaco 60%. This Columbian bean has stone fruit and honey flavour notes that seem to be accentuated with the addition of dairy. Sweet with a little bit of tanginess. New but already recognized for its flavour, this bar earned a Bronze at the International Chocolate Awards in 2019.

Chocolat Bonnat offers a very distinct 65% dark milk bar as part of their Grand Crus collection. The Surabaya bar is made with pale coloured beans from East Java, described as having a range of mild and complex flavours. Bonnat has said this is why the beans were chosen for 'a milk bar like no other'. The bar is sweet and creamy with some smokiness to it. Very luxurious mouth feel and beautiful melt.