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Chocolate and Beer Pairing Kit

Chocolate and Beer Pairing Kit

Something a little different for beer appreciators!

Craft chocolate paired with craft ale. A unfamiliar combination of two familiar flavours for a unique tasting experience. Cheers to chocolate and beer!

Our partners at Evergreen Craft Ales make their beer the way our chocolate maker partners make their chocolate. The chocolate makers we work with create their single origin dark chocolate bars with just cocoa beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter. At Evergreen they make their beer with all natural products, no additives and no artificial flavours. Just water, malted barley, oat, wheat, hops and yeast. An ideal match.

And of course, every bar has its unique flavour and every beer has its own style. And this is where the pairings begin!

beer and chocolate pairing

Dick Taylor Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate and Don’t Call Me Bitter English Bitter
A creamy elegant dark chocolate with citrus and red berry notes. An English Bitter with light hints of caramel and bread, slightly dry, not too sweet finish. A lot of flavour notes happening here that when brought together are in perfect harmony. Don’t expect dark chocolate to be bitter and don’t expect an English Bitter to be, well, bitter. These two will surprise you!

Sirene Chocolate’s Mayan 72% Dark Chocolate and Belgian Wit Wheat Beer
A dark chocolate bar flavoured with spices a little unexpected in chocolate. A slow release of all spice heat with coriander in the back, a hint of garlic and the deep rich flavour of dark chocolate. The Belgian Wit hints of coriander and orange accent the slightly spicy yeast profile. As they are enjoyed together, each brings out the heat and the coriander in each other. This pairing will stop your Dad in his tracks!

DesBarres Chocolate Maya Mountain 72% Dark Chocolate and Clothing of the Gods NEIPA
The chocolate is smooth, melts so beautifully releasing fruity flavours with a little tartness. The IPA is light, crisp and refreshing with aromas of citrus. The NEIPA draws on the fruitiness of the chocolate for a pleasant, easy pairing.

Finnia Chocolate Mexico Milk paired with House Blend Coffee Stout
The only milk bar in the kit, but don’t be fooled, it’s a dark milk! Cocoa content of 51% this bar has some serious flavour of hazelnut. The stout is bold, strutting some strong dark roast coffee. Paired with the chocolate, the flavours together smooth out to a creamy, sweeter tone.