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Milk Chocolate Bean to Bar

Milk Chocolate Bean to Bar

There's something about a well crafted milk chocolate bar that is undeniably a little piece of heaven.
We're not talking candy bars here. We're talking bean to bar hand crafted milk chocolate bars with a higher cocoa content for rich chocolate notes.

Here are six of the essential milk chocolate bars that we sell in our Kanata, ON store:

SOMA's Twinkle Bar - a salted caramel bar also know as Caramel AF - is sweet, melt in your mouth, how can this be, kind of bar. Sprinkled with flaky salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company to give it some crunch and a shot of Madagascar vanilla for just a little more flavour to love, this caramel milk bar is the bomb.

Finnia's Buttermilk bar is milk chocolate of another kind. The bar is 48% cacao and 21% Buttermilk, making it creamier, smoother and a little lighter than dairy. This award winning bar is a creamy, decadent dark milk chocolate.

The Hawaii Chocolate 50% Milk Chocolate bar is made by Manoa Chocolate with Hawaiian cacao from the Big Island. Hawaii is the only US state that has the climate, barely, and these beans are a rarity in the cacao world. This single origin bar is a great pairing companion to milk stouts!

The Omnom Sea Slated Almonds + Milk bar is an incredible combination of Madagascar cocoa beans and nuts. The cocoa has strong berry notes combined with generously scattered almonds and touch of salt makes it a true fruit + nut bar.

SOMA Creole Gardens Milk bar, with cacao from Cap-Haitien, Haiti is more of a dark milk bar with the cacao content at 55%. Flavour notes of caramel and malt, rather than fruity notes, make it an interesting addition to this collection.

The Browned Butter 60% Milk bar has the highest cocoa content in this collection. The brown butter adds a roasted nuttiness to the bar and works beautifully with the fruity Peruvian cacao nibs.

Available as a 6 Milk Bean to Bar Collection Box here